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Sandra's Moss Wall design is a true masterpiece, seamlessly blending nature with modern aesthetics. The meticulous attention to detail and vibrant green moss create a stunning visual impact, promoting tranquility and well-being. Sandra's ability to transform a simple wall into a living piece of art is amazing, showcasing elegance and sustainability. I have a Moss Wall in my business, serving as a captivating focal point, and two hanging moss walls at home, bringing daily joy with their calming essence and visual beauty, seamlessly integrating nature into my professional and personal spaces.

Lou Quismorio

Floral Expert, The Flowerman, Inc.

I was blown away by the moss wall Sandra curated, that I ordered another. Sandra puts her heart and soul into these masterpieces, with quality materials and an upscale flair of creative expression. The two installations have really changed the energy in my home. I highly recommend Sandra to any home or business looking for a high quality moss wall.

Seema Sharma

MFT, (Marriage and Family Therapist)

Sandra was first class with her creativity, design, and the materials used. She is pure joy to work with!  The masterpiece moss wall Sandra designed for our office is the centerpiece of the space.  The vibrant shades of green with touches of reds is a showstopper that always starts a conversation with our clients. I would highly recommend this talented artist! 

Nusheen Javadizadeh

President, RJJ Pasadena Securities, Inc.

My psychotherapy waiting room needed another piece of artwork. Sandra Olsen‘s moss wall was perfect. Her creativity matched the style of the room, and after consulting with her, I had utter confidence in what she would design. And she came through! It offers a three-dimensional, living work of art that my clients appreciate, and it brings beauty into the space.

Richard LaBrie, Psy. D.

Clinical Psychologist


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