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  • What is Preserved, or Stabilized Moss?
    Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been preserved for decorative purposes like Moss Wall Art. Most all moss is harvested from the forest and is then preserved to maintain its vibrant colors. This process keeps the moss colorful and maintenance free. Preserved, or Stabilized Moss enhances any environment with beautiful green no maintenance plant-scaping that brings amazing energy to any space.
  • Where should preserved, or Stabilized Moss be used?
    Preserved, or Stabilized Moss should be used indoors and away from direct sunlight or intense heat. You may see Preserved Moss in interior design settings, office buildings, creative spaces, medical offices, or restaurants, and spas both small and large installations.
  • How do you take care of a Moss Wall?
    All Preserved moss products are maintenance – free. If needed gentle cleaning with a dust brush or gentle vacuuming with a brush nozzle maybe once a year, but is not necessary. Where your Moss Art is located, and the conditions will determine if any maintenance will be needed in the future.
  • How long does Preserved, or Stabilized Moss last?
    This is a pretty new industry and we know that moss will last up to and longer than 10 years if installed and used in ideal conditions.
  • Does Preserved, or Stabilized Moss have a scent?
    There may be a scent at first. It may smell like moss or something earthy. The scent will go away fairly soon as it takes time to dry and settle.
  • What are the benefits of Preserved, or Stabilized Moss Walls or decorative items?
    “Oh, don’t get me started!” Though there are many benefits to having a Moss Wall or Moss Art here are a few I can attest to: Improved productivity, conducive to creativity, less stress, noise absorption, and all the biophilic moments you may need without going out your front your door!
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