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About Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been preserved for decorative purposes. The moss is preserved in an environmentally friendly process. Moss is harvested from forest floors. Once preserved the moss maintains its beautiful color and texture. Preserved moss requires no maintenance, making it the perfect,
self-sustaining piece for your home or office decor.

A closeup image of moss wall art
A headshot of Sandra Olsen, the Moss Artist

About Sandra Olsen,
Your Moss Wall Artist

Welcome to my website. After breaking away from my corporate origins I embraced the career path of a floral designer, eventually, I was led down the path of discovering moss—and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Now based in Los Angeles, I specialize in crafting Moss Wall Art, transforming corporate, office, and home spaces into serene sanctuaries. 

Collaborating with local artisans, I strive to create beautiful, soul-nurturing installations that bring people to their center and cultivate a healthy and productive work environment.


Our store is constantly updated with new and exciting products, and if you are interested in a custom moss wall, please do not hesitate to contact us—we'd love to bring your vision to life.

Get Inspired


 At Sandra Moss Art I have had the privilege to curate Moss Wall Art for amazing clients! From Home Offices to Commercial Buildings, Therapeutic settings, Restaurants and the ultimate compliment for me has been designing Moss Art for my clients very own Homes! Please take a look at some of my Testimonials

Image by Artem Makarov
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